Excelsior Paints Since 1937


A strong Point of Sale presence that grabs the attention of consumers, displays a dynamic choice of tints and an unrivalled choice of colour is what drives dealer sales.
Nobody understands this better than Excelsior Paints who have developed their exclusive Colorizer Colour Tint System for purchase by their dealers.

Offering a choice of more than 1320 Colorizer colours , over 100 standard colours and various competitor colours, it is a sales tool that is indispensible, adding an invaluable dimension to sales. To customers, it also means that any colour they desire can be produced on demand, time after time.

It is this promise, plus the assurance that all Excelsior products have extended guarantees and quality standards that meet and exceed many international standards, that has customers coming back regularly.

Excelsior Paints Dealer Merchandising

Excelsior Paints Dealer Merchandising