Excelsior Paints Since 1937


Growth without compromise means keeping a finger on the pulse of developments within an industry, adapting to change and supplying products that meet changing consumer trends. Since the early days of Johannesburg, Excelsior Paints have grown. New product ranges have been introduced and other ranges expanded to meet demand.

The move from solvent-based into water-based products has been made. New markets have been opened and grown, factory space has more than quadrupled and warehousing facilities expanded. Distribution facilities meet the demand of dealers who get what they want, exactly where and when they need it.

The distribution footprint may have spread beyond the borders of Gauteng, across the country and into Botswana, Zambia, Mozambique and Angola but it is growth that is carefully monitored and controlled so that no key production or quality elements are ignored.

The result is that growth has not compromised the key elements that have made Excelsior Paints the success it is today. The old-fashioned values of service delivery, uncompromising quality and personal commitment to dealers still form the basis of all operations – values that are embraced by all members of the Lawson family and the Mylaw team , will be the basis of all future growth.

Excelsior Paints Growth Without Compromise