Excelsior Paints Since 1937


Recent research has shown that for 75 unbroken years, the Excelsior paint business has been in the hands of individuals and been a family business. The company has only had four owner/operators.

“There is nothing more satisfying than finding out that the business which you operate today, was one of the first business of its type to open its doors in the city.  Finding, that the founding father of the business was also committed to a family-approach to business meant that the full involvement of the Lawson family continues a time-honoured tradition.
“Excelsior has not changed its operating ethos since its founder Walter Rauner,  arrived from Germany, and opened his doors for business in Main Road, Fordsburg, Johannesburg in 1937,” says Lawson.

Walter Rauner would undoubtedly be pleased to see that the business he started still cherished tradition and, although it had grown exponentially and adopted technologies, it is still driven by passion for products and customers.
“Although Excelsior today is automated has its own paint technician and laboratory for quality control, we still have Rauner’s obsession on how our paints are made.

“Like our founder, we pride ourselves on being able to offer all our customers the range of products they need, with the advice and assistance they require.”
The relationship Excelsior has with its dealers reinforces the family approach to business embraced by Excelsior. Through its Dealer Protection Plan, Excelsior promises dealers that it will not sell Excelsior products direct to the public.

“For the last 18 years, we have concentrated on affirming this independence and creating an environment in which the Excelsior name can thrive. We have invested in dedicated production facilities, warehousing, quality, stock control, and distribution systems.
“We have ensured that our products have become environment-friendly and mirror the colour trends driving the industry. We have a product presence throughout South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Swaziland and Zambia. We are growing and will continue to do so,” says Lawson.

“What will always remain not negotiable will be our independence. It is the aspect of our business we value above all else.”

‘We were proud and delighted to find that we were 75-year-old, rather than the 60 we believed. It reinforced our sense of belonging and the belief that a good family business can grow and prosper in a competitive environment.”

Excelsior Paints Tradition of Quality